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Photo Constructive Critic

Hey there,

Just wanted to have your feedback in this portrait. Trying to improve my game here and I want your help. Give me your best critic please!

I made different color gradings because I wasn't secure with the best choice.

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Matt Hooker's picture

I really like the second one, both in the color grading and composition. The first one clips her fingers and overall I don't think the image tells our eyes where to go. For both, I think the light should be softened a bit; the bright patches on her face seem to conflict with the mood.

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Great feedback. I see... maybe I shouldn't burn and dodge that much. Thank you!!

Chase Wilson's picture

Photo #1 I don’t like portraits with people’s eyes closed. Reason being, a portrait is supposed to tell a story about the person or their character. With out telling a story, it’s just a picture. And closing the eyes, you automatically loose more than 1/2 of you story telling devices. There’s almost always a better way to tell an eyes closed story, with the eyes open. Unless they’re sleeping.

Photo #2 Perfect.

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Thank you! I see your point!

Ana Sousa's picture

I don't agree with the eyes thing.
You know, "the eyes are the window of the soul" and in some cases, they beeing close can tell a more moody story. The story is not always the same and that can be interesting.
The eyes are all about connection and in my interpretation, in this case, the connection is with the self.
Continue a good work.

Marcin Świostek's picture

I'm not a portrait photographer myself, so feel free to ignore the following. ;)
I don't mind the eyes being closed and even the fingers cut so much as the colour and clipping bugs me. At least in the first one.
Second one is perfectly fine for me. I wouldn't desaturate as much, but with these colours it all works. :)

João Gomes's picture

It's a nice feedback too. Thanks for your time!

Adam Adam's picture

in term of color, the second one is better. Eyes closed or open both are ok for me. But I didn't like the overall composition. in my opinion, there is no good reason to put her at the dead center! you can leave a little space in front of her ( the camera right). The strong highlights don't bother me much if this is the mode you are going for.