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Dima Begma's picture

Museum worker

I made this series photos in the natural history museums in the city Dnepr. I hope I could show the atmosphere:)
1st photo - only natural light from the window.
2nd photo - Video light in front of the model.
Filmed on Nikon D610 + Nikkor 50mm 1.8G


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Logan Baker's picture

Did you have two blouses? Or did you change the color in post processing? I like that you changed small details on your subject between the two images. It makes it feel like you took these images on two different days.

Dima Begma's picture

I changed the color of the blouse in Photoshop. These 2 photos were taken with a difference of 20 minutes.

Logan Baker's picture

Well done. Also, removing her braid made it seam like a new day. I think I’ll employ this in the future.

Excellent job, well done - love both images!!!

Jared Wolfe's picture

There are very nice.The fake light rays in the top image are a little strong and could be toned a bit IMO but overall really solid. Great work.

Stunning tonal work! Great shots!

Steve Molder's picture

Well done! I especially like the atmosphere that you included while shooting at the museum. Nice job on the post processing as well.

Marcin Kawa's picture

Really dig the lighting and the general 'feel' of both pics. Lots of cool stuff on your insta as well!