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The Underground - In camera multi exposure portraits

I'd like to present to the community, my in camera multi exposure project “neon underground”. A vibrant, complex, deceiving world of dust, smoke and colour.

I shot 2 models in Freedom Mills in Leeds, with various coloured gels whilst also light painting and adding in a bit of pixelstick action into a few of the backgrounds to give the neon look, This gave the base image. After that the images were then exposed again over stained card, paint, burnt & cut paper as well as glitter paper, this allowed these images to be created in camera using the Canon 5D MKiii and with absolutely no Photoshop.

I'd love to know what you think.

Photographer - Ben Daure
Model - Lizzy Turner
Model - Connor Yeates
Hair & Makeup - Vanessa Long
Photography Assistant - Danny Matthews
Photography Assistant - Lucy Forrester

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Jared Wolfe's picture

Very cool to achieve this in camera. Lots to love here. Color pallet. Models. Outfits. Great Work.

Ben Dauré's picture

Many thanks indeed for the glowing feedback Jared, It really does mean a lot. I'm looking at doing a similar themed shoot like this again soon so it's great to know you're a fan.

Tayyeb Mubarik's picture

Wow! Love these shots.

Ben Dauré's picture

Many thanks indeed man

William Howell's picture

Bravo, an excellent technical achievement.
I thought they were photoshopped.
I love the technical aspect of the photographs, but I would revisit this setup again to get more dynamic motion and emotion in the subjects. This is super cool and could have great potential.

What were the settings?

Ben Dauré's picture

Cheers for the feedback William, and you're right on the mark about visiting this setup again. I have several new concepts all based around this kind of look but with vastly more movement in. The settings varied from shot to shot there was no 1 setting, especially on the secondary exposures

Stefan Thomas's picture

I really like the play with the colors. Great shots!

Ian Fraser's picture

very nice, I especially love 1,3, and 5

Antonio Gutierrez's picture

DUDE, please do a tutorial on how to do this. or post a link to one. this is awesome work