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Mirel Holban's picture

Portrait in a hall

Would like to receive some feedback on this one, any opinions on how i could have improved it ?

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Chris Jablonski's picture

The concept appeals, Mirel, with all those crisp, somewhat geometric forms - even on her dress - contrasting with her body and clothes.

I'm not sure how you could have achieved this, to be honest, but separating her, especially face & hair, from the background would have helped, because she is a little too hard to "read" for me. Perhaps if you'd got lower, and got her head outlined against the bit of plain white wall above and behind her head, that would be a start.
Basically the background behind her is a bit "busy".

It's still a pretty good image!.

Mirel Holban's picture

Thank you very much for the feedback ! Indeed, her face is not quite easy to see due to the hair position and the harsh lighting, will keep in mind for the next time