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Cristian Perotti's picture

Do you see weird skin tones?

This is my go to model, Pía, from Uruguay.

As I usually say, I am colorblind, and hence a lot of my pictures have strange colors, especially on skin tones. I am currently trying to get around it. So, are the colors ok in this picture? Also any other comments are welcome :) Thanks!

PS: The file is not in high quality.

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Chris Jablonski's picture

The skin tones look fine to me, Cristian. Especially for a Caucasian of fairly pale skin type, rather than the warmer tones of a Morena.

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Thank you Chris! Appreciate it!

PD Media's picture

Christian, her skin tones are close, but a bit too yellow/green. Her hair also has this issue. Increase the red and it will look more accurate. "Adjust color for skin tones" in Photoshop should help.

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Thank you! I will try that tip!

st-micca's picture

I can only suggest that you try working with numbers. Whenever you hover sample tool over a photo, you will see R G & B percentage for each pixel, so that might help you determine the right white balance.

Francisco B's picture

I remember you mentioned you have color blindness, did you try out those glasses that work for some people?

The problem with the quantitative approach to color correction is that its not always completely accurate to go by the RGB skin color rule. I put your image in photoshop, and the hard and fast rule for RGB on skin is that R is bigger than G and is bigger than B. Also that there is a bigger gap (usually like 40-45 point between R and G) than G and B (usually around 25)......

As you can see, the image fit that criteria, yet still had a yellow and green push as others mentioned. I fiddled with the RGB curves and think I got the numbers relatively close to where they need to be, you can use them for reference on this image. The second number in each row represents the AFTER adjustment I made.

To learn this approach to color correction in photoshop, I took this course, I am not affiliated in any way with this company, just thought it was an awesome course and recommend every chance I get. https://www.lynda.com/Photoshop-tutorials/Photoshop-Color-Correction-Adv...

Edit: Reuploaded image, tamed blues

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Thank you very much Francisco!

I checked them out but they are way too expensive for me, at least for now. They are about $400. I live in South America, so that is a lot of money down here. But I will try to get them next year.

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Ok, I reuploaded the image with new numbers, blues were too hot on her face....

Yeah they might work out for you, yeah my family is from Argentina so I know how crazy the currencies can be down there haha.

Cristian Perotti's picture

I´m from Uruguay, so it is very very similar haha.