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"Confidence Building" session

nikon D500, Sigma 105 1.4, flashpoint xplor 600 with softbox. these are part of a confidence building session i just started offering. I started offering these sessions mainly for mothers who don't have time for themselves due to spending most of their time with the kids, but i've found it can literally apply to anyone. I talk to them about what they would like to get out of the session, why they are wanting to do it, and what type of look would make them feel confident. It helps me tailor a session specifically for them. This gives them a way to feel special and have time to themselves. It also includes hair and makeup if needed. I eventually want to add a voucher for a massage the morning of the session and a half hour one on one session with a motivational speaker right before the shoot to help get them into the mood i need to get the best possible looks for them (it will be a collaboration with other local businesses). That way they get a whole day that is all about them. I can't wait to get everything into place.

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These are really nice. In the first one I would have had her drop her hunched up shoulders and turn her left (camera right) knee over to the right (camera left) so that it isn't pointing straight at the camera; it's typically a much more flattering angle for the leg. You did a nice job with the lighting.

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Thank you. I’m still kinda learning the whole posing thing. I’m getting better, but still need to keep practicing.