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Graduation Photos at FGCU - CC welcome

First time poster here! at this point, I would consider this among my better work and first serious endeavor using off camera flash / reflectors in a shoot. I'm looking for some feedback from the more experienced photographers if there is anything with these can be improved!

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These are pretty, I like your lighting. I would probably drop the exposure just a tad (especially on that last one). The fill from below in the second image is overpowering the main light source (her neck is at least one full shade brighter than her face), and her eyes look nuclear - a bit too much processing. Also, try to remember to watch the model's hands - in the first image they're a bit awkward. The horizon going through her head in that first image isn't ideal (although not too bad), but it would be an even better picture if it was lower like in the last image. The colors are gorgeous and you got some nice angles of this girl. I bet she's thrilled with them. :)