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You're in me

Sometimes your path across with special people and you know you have to do something. Like photoshoot them!

I meet on daily basis people who have some kind of unique story or I see they would be great in front of my camera. Unfortunately I have lack of courage to go talk to strangers and ask if I could photograph them.

Am I only one or do someone else have same problems? Could you give me advices how to handle my uncertainty?

Shot w/
Canon 5D4
Sigma 135 mm 1.8 ART
Godox ad600 + deep octa
Godox 360ll + green gel as a fill

Model: @arttumartinpoika

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Hello Sanna! first thing first, great shot! Love the color grading!
Regarding the uncertainty, I totally get you and on some degree we share the same boat!
As a first step (pardon me if you already do) always carry with you a business card and a proof that you actually know how to shoot (tones of creeps out there), this will definitely put yourself in a more trustable position.
Second, most probably the person you'll ask the photo will probably feel either more embarrassed than you (even though we are all used to be in a photograph, we are not really used to get photographed by a stranger photographer, especially a good one) or flattered by your proposal.
I'm a pretty shy person and with a lack of confidence in my skill, but to force myself I put small goal, reachable one, for example at least twice a month shoot with a person I don't know, either I contact her trough social media or I ask them during a ComicCon (Cosplay is my playground). Passion usually overcomes fears, also don't really want to let myself down.

Another point (this might be a cultural trait - I'm Italian), people are not used to interact with strangers and is something that usually throw them out of balance (here just by asking them 'how are you today?') and what I've found out, that beside few rude sad lonely human being, most of them actually enjoy a small chit chat.
You'll definitely get some 'no' and they might also be more than the yes, use them (the no) as a driving force toward the yes.

Ah, last point, at some point you'll be dead and forgotten, so even if you fuck up, well, it won't be remembered for long :)