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Thomas Gehrke's picture

Autumn portraits

these images are from my very first portrait shooting with a friend. The images where taken around noon - so not the best time of the day - at a break at work.

No flash, just camera and 50mm lens were used.
Postprocessing in Lightroom and Photoshop.

What do you like and more important what not... What could be improved...

Thanks for any critique and comment.

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Tomas Lissåker's picture

I think I like the first one best, it feels most genuine. I think you've gone a little over the top with the skin retouch on the second one.

Thomas Gehrke's picture

Thanks for your comment. I can see your point. I'll see to go back to the image and retouch it again a bit more carefully.

Chris Jablonski's picture

I like the first for capturing her spirit, but think the hair shadows her left eye a bit too much. Perhaps some subtle dodging would help. The background could be more OOF - you might have shot competely wide open, as resolution is not critical here.

The second appeals more as an image per se, with her beautiful eyes and the simplicity, playing her off against the golden leaves. DOF handled well here. Maybe she just has a smooth complexion...

Colours just a little saturated for my tastes, but most prefer more sat than I do.

Good first effort, Thomas! Keep going.

Thomas Gehrke's picture

Thanks for your comment, When shooting wide open, I had a hard time to get the focus right where I wanted it. So I fell back to f4. Maybe it's because I was nerveous... ;-) And we had only half an hour - sadly not much time to experiment.
I hope with more practise comes more confidence and .

Her skin of course wasn't that smooth. Bad luck, litteraly an hour before the shooting, she got a mosquito bite right above her nose. Even though she covered it with make up it was clearly visible on every single photograph and gave me a hard time to remove it.

Saturation of course is personal taste. In this case I think it emphasizes and brings put the autumn colours.