I haven't shot for myself since May, so when I was approached to do a few portraits I couldn't resists. I also had the GFX 100 to play with. Obviously, next time someone says they want to shoot in flower bushes, I'll make it a spring shoot, but this flowery weed didn't do too bad in the end I guess!

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Art & Photography of Bokehen's picture

There's too much shine on her nose and cheek. There should not be any sunlight on her shoulder and maybe her hair. A small diffuser screen should have been used in this instance which would have offered more of a natural glow without harsh sunlight.

I'm happy with the shine, it was a creative choice. I'd love to have had a scrim to lessen it down, but didn't have the hand space for it... actually, didn't have it full stop! It was a small operation. Get what you're saying though! Meant to have flash... but I wasn't sent the trigger in time, so it sat in my boot!

Sennia Kyle's picture

Hi there! I don't disagree with the comments previously stated, but they bother me less. The first thing I unfortunately notice is her bad hand - her fingers look like claws trying to rake their way through her head or scratch at dandruff (sorry). Aside from that, I'd maybe want to see a bit more light in her eyes - they look kind of like dark sockets - and soften the transition from highlight to shadow on her cheek. Overall it's a pleasing image. Hope this helps!

Yeah, I've since brightened the eyes, they were bugging me too, as well as adding in some extra catchlight. Don't know if it updates on here though, or if you can replace it.

Don't apologise, I know what you're saying. In an ideal world... I did shout hands a few times, and not usually a fan of appearing arms either... but I think the face was the best of the set.

Thanks for taking the time out!