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I need your feedback on these photos

I have photographed this model recently in collaboration with a local MUA.

Let me know what do you think of theses photos in term of retouching, color, skin texture and composition.


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Matthew Teetshorn's picture

Looks like the neck tattoos are a little bit covered with makeup, but still visible. I'd probably edit those out in retouch. The eyes are a little over-brigthened, desaturated for my taste, but the images are good. Good work!

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Thanks for your feedback.

Black Z Eddie .'s picture

I'm normally ok with the top of the heads being cropped off, but, I don't think they work on the first two because it puts the leaves too close to the edge. You'd need some space between the tip of leaf and the edge of the frame.

--looks underexposed.
--white balance/Tint is off. Looks to be on the green side.
--not a flattering posture for her. Her neck is almost the width of her head. Maybe having her chin up more and face away from camera more might have narrowed the neck.
--tattoos need to go. They look out of place.
--top of the forehead can use some cleanup (db, color blend, etc).

--neck has green tint. i'd check other areas as well.
--top of the forehead can use some cleanup (db, color blend, etc).
--not sure if the angle is playing tricks on my eyes, but, her left side looks much higher than her right side. So maybe slightly had her tilt her head to her left so her features look more symmetrical. Or, slightly face towards camera left to obscure the asymmetrical. You'll have to play with it.

--not really doing anything for me; and, that half an eye with only whites showing is awkward.

Overall, images look flat. Maybe boost the highlights similar to how you did this:


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Thanks for taking the time to write a detailed review. Most of the issues can be easily corrected/ edited. However, the composition-wise (The first photo asymmetrical issue, and the last photo) I will have to look for a better alternative composition-wise from the same photoshoot.