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Short intro and my favorite portrait so far

Hi everyone! My name is Mario, living in Germany and big love for photography, videography or art in general. The image that I posted to this post was shot using my D750 and 24-70mm f2.8 G2 from Tamron. And for lighting I used a Sb-700 from Nikon. I just want some opinions about this shot and what to pay attention to when I shoot something similar next time. Thank you.

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Jarrett Porst's picture

It's a really good shot man. Love the colors. I like the reflections in the glasses too. Exposure is heavily weighted up top. I wonder how it would look if it was balanced more from top to bottom. The highlight on her hand is pulling my attention. Chris, it's a beautiful shot, gorgeous subject.

Chris Mario's picture

Thank you. On the bottom part of the image is a gradient with a value of -34 exposure i think. I wanted to give more attention to the face. And the highlight on the hand wasnt bothering me so much but now that you point that out my eyes are going there every time. Thank you for your opinion.

Przemek Lodej's picture

Great shot. Love the colors, light, background blur and pose. Looking forward to more. :)

Marc Lavergne's picture

Hi Chris,

This is indeed a very nice portrait. As Jarret wrote, the highlight on her hand is distracting and generally the eye goes to the brightest part of the image, in this one it's the top right portion of the image. Maybe you can try burn it a bit and bring more attention to her face?

Other minor things I see that can easily be corrected in Photoshop is the piece of wood that kind of comes out of her right shoulder and in the very bottom left corner we can see something that might be interpreted as a weird hand.

I hope this helps,


Chris Mario's picture

Hi Marc,

Very helpful what you just said. The minor details that you described where not seen by me while editing the image. I will try and burn the face area some more.

Thank you for the great opinion.

Marc Lavergne's picture

Hi Cris, do not burn her face, I meant the trees behind her

Chris Mario's picture

Now is clear, I was like "why burn the face?!" but now is ok. Was my mistake reading too fast.