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Jaden in Fall

This was taken last year while I was getting a hands-on learning experience using off camera flash. I was a nervous wreck and very intimidated by my instructor who also happens to be a very close friend. (I was intimidated because he is top notch awesome) This series of images sat on my computer for a year before I even had the courage to look at them. I was convinced I had created a mess... I was wrong. Even though there are still a couple of things I can see that I would do differently, these are no where near the mess I thought they were. A year later, finally having the courage to look at these, I ordered my speed lights and will begin submersing myself in off camera lighting techniques.

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Sennia Kyle's picture

Nicely done. I like the balance with the ambient light and the background is pretty. Good job not making it look like there was obvious use of flash!

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I don't see anything wrong with this, it's perfect, if this is you beginning with off camera flash, I'd say you are off to a very good start, keep it up:)

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Great confidence booster.

Btw, OT, :) she has an uncanny resemblance to this London model I used to follow back in the day when I first started shooting. Her name was Imogen: