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It's all about the hair

My1st attempt at taking portraits. Single light plus a hair light. 18-35 Sigma on a D500 crop body taken in my dining room. Not a model, just a local high school girl accompanied by her mother

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Mike Young's picture

Can you elaborate on 'a hair light'. Do you have a light top right and behind the subject?

Lou Spinazzola's picture

The hair light is a warm spotlight behind and below her right shoulder. The main light is a $50 speedlight shot through an inexpensive 38" softbox with an egg-crate

Mike Young's picture

Thanks Lou, I am starting out on the portrait lighting path so all knowledge gratefully received.

Mr Hogwallop's picture

Hi Lou- I think because in most real world situations the light comes from above it might be nice to have your hair light a little higher on her head...just a little nit pick.