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Minimalist approach; single large octa boomed directly overhead about 6 feet from the floor and aimed straight down. I positioned the model so that she was about a foot outside of the edge of the octa. Light bounced from the white floor provided catchlights.

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Vijay Mewada's picture

Hi Daniel. Quite appealing and Engaging frame.
Please share how the background was achieved. Either ways through lighting or PP. Also please share meta if you can. Thanks.

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Thank you, sir.

As far as the background it is a mix of both lighting and PP, along with the fact that it was shot on a cyc wall. Having the light pointing nearly straight down helped kill much of the light on the wall. Plus I used curves to bring it down as well.

Meta: ISO 100, 85mm, f 8 1/160, Nikon D750.

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Since flash, assumed shutter speed to be in the range. just wanted to check. perhaps SS also has little role in vignetting sort effect on wall. Thanks for reverting back.

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The vignetting/haloing is mostly from the clarity slider.