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Lisa's Graduation

Here's one of my photos from Lisa's graduation portrait session shot on the campus of the University of Florida in Gainesville, Florida. This was taken early morning using a Canon 1D-X and Canon 85mm f1.4L IS.

What do you think? What did I miss? What did I do well?


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Robert Tran's picture

I dig it. I'd take the highlights down in the trees to make her pop a bit more. Only other constructive critique is that you can't tell she's holding a graduation cap - just looks like a square, so would reposition in the future. Solid shot though and she'll cherish the memory forever.

Lennart Böwering's picture

Very nice portrait! Especially like the pose and lighting – natural and still very polished.
One thing I'm not sure about is the skin color of the face. It's way more yellow then the rest of her skin probably due to the makeup. A bit more magenta and tiny bit less saturation should give it a more believable color that matches her shoulder.

Black Z Eddie .'s picture

I would:

1. Defringe the teal from the trees.
2. Get her skin tone (face, shoulders, hands, legs, feet) more evenly matched. Right now, her feet are pink while are legs are more magenta/red. Her face is pretty yellow/green.

Matt Pendleton's picture

Wow thank you all for that great feedback. Going to work on this more now. Definitely items I Never truly considered. Y'all are great. Thanks!