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Matt Pendleton's picture

Nicole - Fitness

Introducing my first shoot with Nicole. We shot downtown at the local parking garage mid morning. Beautiful weather and just the right amount of sunlight. We had the whole parking garage to ourselves.

This was shot using a Canon 1D-X Mark II with a 70-200mm f2.8L II lens at 70mm 1/1000 f2.8 ISO100.

I would love to hear any positive or critical feedback on how I can improve. Thank you so much for taking the time to help me out!

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Mark Mann's picture

Hi Matt,

Overall, this is a nice shot with the subject isolated from the background and well lit.

If you want to improve I find the surroundings a bit distracting like the white beam that seems to come out of her head, the white wall on her right side, the luminous dot under her chin, the three white squares behind her, the floor who isn't lit equally and finally for this shot to have a commercial value you should asked her to straighten her pants and top to remove the folds.

Don't get me wrong, this is a nice shot. Most of what I said can be fixed in post.

Keep up the good work!


Matt Pendleton's picture

Thanks Mark. this is exactly what I was looking to hear. I had looked at this a few times and my own eyes were making some adjustments so i didn't see those things you pointed out.

Very much appreciated.

darin gabbert's picture

I would agree with Mark Mann re: the distracting nature of the background. I think the model is competing with the background. I was thinking that the background seems to loom over her. I’m a big fan of brick, with the lines and texture, but I’m wondering if having the model farther away from the background might lessen the “looking over the shoulder” feeling. I would appreciate Mark’s thoughts here as well.

Matt Pendleton's picture

Darin, awesome! Thank you so much. Yes I'm seeing it now. It's busy. Thank you.