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Belen from Uruguay

Two summer portraits done to model Belen.

Natural Light.

All critique/comments welcome.

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darin gabbert's picture

Cristian, Nice shots. I like the lighting in both, especially the second shot with the hat. The two critiques that I have are re: framing the shots and placement within the shot.
In the top shot, I find the background quite distracting. Several elements within the frame are distracting my eye from Belen's face. First, there is a chain, hanging from the right side of the picture that draws my eye. Second, there is a bottle of what appears to be hand sanitizer in the lower-left side of the frame, it seems to be out of place. Lastly, there is a light bulb coming out of the side of her head that bugs me (maybe that's just a personal thing).
Belen's expression is great, but the frame is, to me, just a bit off. With the busy background, perhaps being father away might have helped provide some context for where she is. Otherwise, moving in and cropping out some background might help clean out the distractions. Note: You could Photoshop that chain out from the upper corner of the crop.

I love the shot with the hat, except for the hand. Lovely background, nice catch-light on the brim of the hat. Belen's face is well lit (Those EYES!). But that hand! It's a personal preference with me, I have never really liked posed hands close to the face. Otherwise, a gorgeous shot.

Hmmm... Can't seem to upload the cropped version of this picture...

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Hi Darin! Thank you for the kind feedback and for taking the time!

You are right about the first picture.

I tried to fix what you mentioned. Let me know if the crop and the removed distractions work.

darin gabbert's picture

That is almost exactly the crop I could not earlier post. If you could now get rid of that electric cord in the upper-right corner, I think it would be just about perfect. The basic idea for the shot was good and this is a good example of technology helping us in post-production. Nice work, Cristian.

Cristian Perotti's picture

I will. Thank you for the feedback Darin! I really appreciate it.

Gerry Frederick's picture

Nice work and nice job with the alertations

Cristian Perotti's picture

Thank you Gerry!