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Been a long time since I last posted anything. A few images from my last shoot with Sarah.

I wanted to tell a "story". "The Lady of the house"
I had some feedback about the background clashing with the models outfit. I don't think it detracts too much from the model. I would appreciate any comments. Not just about the background but also generally.
Thank you.

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Just my thoughts. No particular order:

-- The background is fine.

-- Her skin to too purple.

-- First image, it's too tight at the top and bottom of the frame. Needs more negative space.

-- Second image, too tight at the right. Need more negative space so it somewhat balances with the top and bottom.

-- Shooting down on her doesn't work in this case. May have been better to shoot at a lower level.

-- Her posing needs some work. First image, doesn't make sense with her hand touching her face like that. Second image, looks like a grab shot. Maybe had her more confident and/or relaxed as if she owns the place.

-- I think the table would have been cleaner and more aesthetic with just the flower and glass container. The teacup and kettle isn't doing anything but clutter that area, especially when you can see the teacup is empty.

-- The angle of the shot feels awkward. I would have either shot in front of the couch or had the subject in the far corner.




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Black Z Eddie, Thank you. This is most helpful. Exactly what I was looking for.