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Teresa in window light

I shot Teresa earlier in the year. The shoot was outdoors and interrupted by a rainstorm. We thought we should try again but keep it indoors. I hope you like this one.

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Overall I like it.
Your leading line works but I stop at her chest. I spent too much time (IMHO) trying to figure out what is odd. No bra is fine but the shape/position of right breast looks strange relative to left side.
Though minor, her right shoulder and bright chair corner leads my eye away from her face.
One final observation, her butt appears out of proportion to the rest of her.

Very good. I saw al the same things. I just liked the feel/vibe so much I think it superseded all of them. Thanks for looking

This image is very strong in my opinion. The S curve begins at the bottom center extends up her leg to her knee and to her hip up through her body to her arm and extends to her hand and the fingers and eyes point to the upper left of the frame. I also like the Rembrandt lighting on the face. Very well done.

Thank you. Your get it!