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[Rumor] Sony to Introduce 16-35 f/2.8 FE Lens Before Christmas, 2015

Sony Alpha Rumors just ran a story about the possible introduction of a 16-35mm f/2.8. According to the site a reader spoke with a prominent camera store which may be privy to yet-to-be-introduced products because of their buying status with manufacturers.

Many alpha-shooters have been begging Sony for f/2.8 zooms since the introduction of the system and if this pans out it could be a pretty big deal for those of us who like zooms faster than f/4.0 and don't want to use an adapter. 

The full post from the SAR reader can be found here, the rumor has been given a rank of SR2 meaning that it's from a first-time or unknown source and may not be completely accurate. 

Of course this lens likely wouldn't be a direct replacement to the wildly popular Sony / Zeiss FE 16-35 f/4.0. Rather, it would be an option for people looking for more light, shallower DOF, etc. 

So far we don’t know for sure what new zoom lens will be announced from Sony. All we know is that Sony stated many times fast f/2.8 zooms are high on their priority list."

If the post is correct we can expect at least one of the 2.8 zooms before Christmas, 2015. Fingers crossed.

[Via Sony Alpha Rumors]

Given the choice between a f/2.8 version of the three existing f/4.0 Sony zooms which would you choose?

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I'd probably play it safe and want a 24-70 f/2.8. From what I've heard the 24-70 has the worst performance of the three and likely is the one most in need of replacement.

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I do mainly landscape photography and so in most cases I am stopped down to F8-F11. My main reason from switching over from my full frame Nikon system and all my Nikon F2.8 lens was because I wanted something lighter. I suspect that switching to Sony F2.8 lens would negate my reason for switching to a full frame mirrorless system. The main situation that I would need a faster lens would be for street photography or people photography. For this I carry the Sony 55mm F1.4 prime.

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i follow SAR toi and i missed this great info. I hope they ll do it for Christmas and a light one )