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The flowers were in bloom for only a few weeks earlier this year and the bees did their part. It is sad that we don't take better care to protect these amazing creatures. They're hard to film in flight since they fly around in whatever pattern suits them.

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Maybe a closer macro would have more impact..

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The trees in question were 10 ft away from the bridge I was on. its shot with a telephoto at 200mm

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I like it. Looks sharp enough and well composed to me. I've tried to get a bee in flight several times and never came up with anything worth keeping let alone posting. I also like when I zoomed in I could see a second bee. Too bad it's not the eye peeking through, that would have been awesome. Maybe next time.

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Thanks Troy and thanks for the good props on the lake pier shot. I appreciate that. Yes, this tree bloomed very short period and the bees had a field day. As I said above, I was shooting from approximately 10 feet away on a bridge that was near the tree so I was able to see the canopy and the little critters. I upped the shudder speed and stayed patient. I have dozens of others, but this one was one of my favorites.