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nicky fredriksson's picture

Here is some befor and after edit in photoshop

I like some critique on my edit is it to much or is it fine ?

it is shot on a canon 70D
SIGMA AF 120-400 f/4.5-5.6 DG OS HSM APO SIGMA

Setings was

F 5,6
iso 100

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Joe Svelnys's picture

I just have technical CC if that is okay.

Photoshop? There is now a Subject subject option and this guy would be a perfect subject as he is well isolated from the green background. With that see if you can't isolate him onto his own layer.

Now do a content aware fill the background in the area he is now cut out of... and blur the background as a whole. This should help blend the bokeh with the fokeh (fake bokeh).

Also, with him isolated, it will make it much easier to "dodge"; right now you have a little piece of dodged grass between his horns.

Then clone out the little piece of grass at the base of his neck.

Is this a crop or the full frame? I only ask as I'd also balance the sides of the frame with the backsides of his horns and the tip of his nose.

Just my two cents of course... nothing more. It's a really nice clean shot.

1/4000 at iso 100? Wow, it was super bright out?

Black Z Eddie .'s picture

Good catch! I think he meant 1/400.

nicky fredriksson's picture

Is was relly 1/4000 if my metadata is right :)

Joe Svelnys's picture

I'm never going to Africa then, that's too bright for me! heh :)

nicky fredriksson's picture

Haha i Think is only this set of photos that is so high. 😁

nicky fredriksson's picture

Thank you for the tips will try it to night!:) its a crop camera but i have some more frames i use to make the line up beter :) ja was african safari midday and only mininal Clouds

Black Z Eddie .'s picture

As far as the edits on the animal, looks pretty good. Maybe a tad strong. But, man, the fake bokeh, especially the bottom left, is pretty bad. Not sure why you went with a swirl effect. That pattern doesn't even go with the rest of the grass, nor is it realistic. And, there's leftover pieces from the original grass and haloing around the animal.

nicky fredriksson's picture

Thank you i will do a new edit tonigth. I will go lite les on the animal and skip the backround efekt. I new to edit in photoshop so thank you for the feedback.

nicky fredriksson's picture

my new edit on it :D

Francisco B's picture

Tonally I think the edit is good, perhaps a hair oversaturated on the fur. The circular blur below the face just looks odd. Besides that its a nice photo.