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Mitchell Torjman's picture

Ruby-throated hummingbird

Ruby-throated hummingbird mid-flight, feeding on nectar in my backyard from a couple of summers ago.

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Dave Vichich's picture

Very nice.

Dave Vichich's picture

I didn't take this fine shot, Mitchell did.

Mitchell Torjman's picture

Haha no worries, thanks Trafford

Nice and level with the birds looks great!

jim hughes's picture

Who wouldn't be happy with this?

Tony Hetherington's picture

Really really beautiful 😁😁😁

Maen Rabai's picture

Beautiful, can you share your settings and which lens you used for the shot.

Mitchell Torjman's picture

Thanks! It was with the fujifilm x-t2 and the fuji 100-400 (at 400mm for this shot), f5.6, ISO1250, 1/2500s.