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Geese at a Distance

This afternoon I noticed there were geese again swimming in the Tango's Frog Pond, so I grabbed my D810 and made my way toward them. The geese weren't having any of it and had retreated to the far end of the pond by the time I got anywhere close. While I circled around to get closer they wandered farther away yet toward the other end of the park. I pushed my zoom out to 300mm and got what I could, none of which I was really excited about.

Here are three crops of the best of them. #1 is full-frame, which is natively 7360x4912 pixels reduced here to 2048 pixels on the long side for uploading to Fstoppers. #2 is cropped as much as I would normally crop, which before I reduced it to 200 dpi (2048 pixels on the long side) for uploading was 300 dpi for printing. #3 is cropped much more extremely (about 90 dpi).

My math skills having abandoned me long ago, I wonder what the effective focal length would be at this magnification?

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