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Dave Vichich's picture

Great Horned Owl owlets.

Some owlets from a few different nests.

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Jared Kail's picture

Gorgeous shots. Amazing how well they camouflage.

David Pavlich's picture

Owls are the best!!!

Dave Vichich's picture

Thanks guys.

Ian Luyten's picture

I like the colors in the 3th shot best, the background is a bit restless though

Dave Vichich's picture

This owlet was in deep shadows. I asked it to move to a better, more photogenic location, but it wouldn't move. :D

Peter Gerkin's picture

Love the second. I can't get people to pose that well!

Dave Vichich's picture

Yup, there for hours for the owls to all somewhat look in the same direction. Sometimes it just doesn't happen, so you try again the next day.
Beware the crows.