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New to the group Any feedback appreciated! Model Irina Chicago photo Loft


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It's a great image, but the foot on the left and shoe at the bottom being cut off is a bit distracting.

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Thank you Tom Lim I know it was a candid actually I let it go because love it:)

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Lighting is good, location is pretty cool, Angle is good.

Couple of things to consider for change:

1. The position of her legs cross looks really awkward. Takes away from her, and with how the lighting was chose, it looks like she has a floating leg. It also put her foot on the ground in a really awkward position the camera. Most of it is not very flattering.

2. Connection and emotion is everything in fashion/editorial work, and frankly, I'm a little lost with it here. Her eyes should definitely be open and looking at you. It feels to candid to be posed, and to posed to be natural, so it's missing the editorial vibe it's going for. She should be a lot more open to the camera.

3. Cutting off of feet = No go. Make it work. Could have been fixed with slowing down for a few more seconds, or taking a slight step back. Or if her legs were crossed better (see #1)

4. Bit to contrast, I would say make the whole image a bit softer and tone down the contrast.