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Sunrise Walks

My partner and I went away over the festive period to stay in a beautiful lodge just on the outskirts of Richmond, North Yorkshire. We witnessed some beautiful sunrises and sunsets and this image of Keira, one of our German Shorthaired Pointers was captured minutes after sunrise one morning.

Absolutely love a sunrise, probably my favourite time of the day.

Would love feedback or comments to improve.


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Brock Stein's picture

Very nice. What is the gear and settings used?

Phil Wright's picture

Thank you, this was shot with my Sony A7rii and the Sigma 35mm F/1.4 at 1/350, iso 100.

Daniel van Duinkerken's picture

Really nice, good pose of Keira and looks like an amazing sunrise. Only feedback I have is to maybe lighten the dog up a bit further (also his legs, they seem quite a bit darker than the rest of the body?) so she stands out a bit more.