French beauceron

Breathing hard!

New on FStoppers

Hi All! Just joined Fstoppers and uploaded my first 3 works here. Hope you like them :)

The gang


Some experimental images of my constant canine companion.

I was aiming for a more painterly than photographic look. Feedback appreciated.

a furry happy dog

a furry happy dog out in the park in Peterborough NH

Convert a color dog portrait in to black and white studio portrait

making photos to pets in color and then in Photoshop convert in to black and white studio portrait

Action shooting against the sun

Hi! I´m new here and hope to see a lot of great pics, getting inspired and learn more about photography. I just started...

My favorite model.

Ready for show. After every washing, beauty saloon we have small photo session. Before was pretty difficult to get a...

Got a guest for a few days :)

Very energetic and fun! Sat her on a chair with a black cloth cover and was lucky to get one shot where she was not...


I took this with a telephoto and I'd say its my first descent photo of my dog. She seems camera shy, especially...


On the 11th of July, Maggie turned 11 years old. To celebrate this mark, I had a session with her and her owner...

Border Collie

I had the opportunity to take my old BC outside for a bit without a leash. She’s old and doesn’t move much anymore. Any...

Studio session with American Bullys. CC welcome

A few weeks ago I had four American Bullys in my studio. What do you think? Shot with my Sigma DP2M and DP3M.

Kit lens dog portrait, any tips or comments?

This is a portrait shot with two speedlights and the a6000 kit lens. What do you think? :)


This is my little girl Peanut and her larger than life ears

Border Collie Eye -- Opinions Needed

I have provided two different edits of my Border Collie's eye. I cannot decide which one I like better or which is...

A Splash In The Park

What do you guys think of this photo ? I would like to know your opinions.

Winter Walkies

Photo shoot with my sisters little dog, Ralph.

Dog Yawn

I was attempting to take a picture of my dog next to the Christmas tree this year with my new camera. This is what I...

Play Fetch?

My sister's family dog, Coco.