Sunrise Walks

My partner and I went away over the festive period to stay in a beautiful lodge just on the outskirts of Richmond, North Yorkshire. We witnessed some beautiful sunrises and sunsets and this image of Keira, one of our German Shorthaired Pointers was captured minutes after sunrise one morning.

Absolutely love a sunrise, probably my...

Winter Dog

This guy is my most photographed subject--he doesn't complain about getting his picture taken the way the rest of the family does. Its always hard to get exposure correct for a dark brown and white dog in the winter. If I get his face exposed well everything else gets blown out. If the rest isn't blown out, his face is too dark to see any...

Moody lighting for powerful portraits

For any studio photographers out there, who else uses more dramatic lighting to create more of an atmosphere in their images?

I tend to be quite experimental with my lighting and cover a variety of styles and poses to get the best out of the dog.
Maximus was this humongous but incredibly soft and gentle giant. I wanted to show off...

My Three Amigos

If I had my way to live my photography dream I would love to be a pet photographer ☺️ Sadly I live in Redneckville where people are very unlikely to spend money on professional photographs of their fur babies so I only get to practice with my own... luckily I have three willing participants 😁. Here they are... Loki, Macy and Peanut

Fall Photo Session

My lovely bride gets a jump on Christmas decorating by having a fall tree. She also made Diem a fall flower collar to wear. This evening we got decent photo of Diem wearing her fall flower with the fall tree in the background. Sigma Art 24-105 at 58mm, f5, 1/15 of a second.

Rescue Dogs

These are dogs that I have transported to their new locations to either fosters, rescue groups or new adopters. Between picking them up and delivering them I photograph them.

Stink Eye

Winter wasn't too impressed with my cat noises.. has anyone else ever had this look from their dog?
Whether you're talking at them about how your day went or being 5 minutes later feeding dinner it's always the unimpressed face! I was aiming for the cute head tilt of curiosity.

Moments like this in my shoots I cannot plan and I...

Haley was ready for her dramatic closeup!

I was just sitting on the couch fiddling with my camera and 200-500mm lens, when I decided to snap a picture of our flat-coated retriever by the sliding glass door. As I focused, she lifted her head. I got off one or two shots before she ended the photo-shoot by coming over to check out the camera.

The shot is cropped in for dramatic...

"Murphy's law"

While my dog Pippa and I were out enjoying the cold, yet sunny weather, we came across Murphy. Where my dog is complete anti-social (as in ignoring everything and everybody but the ball-bearer) when I bring a tennis ball whenever we go for a walk, Murphy had his own special toy. After having experienced the "joy" of wood splinters in his mouth...