Winter Walkies

Photo shoot with my sisters little dog, Ralph.

Dog Yawn

I was attempting to take a picture of my dog next to the Christmas tree this year with my new camera. This is what I...

Play Fetch?

My sister's family dog, Coco.

My First Post

Hi, I'm new to the group. This is my favorite photo of a client's dog that I took this past Fall. CC's are welcome...
Last: November 27, 2019

New member

hello, new to the group and just posting my first pic..CC welcome... thanks Steve

My pupper Ria out for a play in the yard

Never really shot pets before but I had to give it a try with my girl Ria. Her ears are always flopping around which I...

B&W portrait, CC welcome

Shot this with sony 85mm f1.8, and a 90cm softbox with speedlite. What do you think?
Last: August 23, 2019

Haley was ready for her dramatic closeup!

I was just sitting on the couch fiddling with my camera and 200-500mm lens, when I decided to snap a picture of our...
Last: August 23, 2019

A day in the ranch.

Hi! I'm new here. This is my pet Lyla, and she loves to pose. I think. Anyhow, please leave some CC, I'm new to...

Jade in the Forest

I captured these portraits of my pitbull Jade while we were wandering in the forest of our new home in Finland.

Lazy Day

This is my baby, Rue. She is 3 years old. A photo of her being still, which is rare. I love the light in this photo.

Boomer and Duke

Hanging out in the backyard
Last: June 22, 2019

Up close and personal

A close up shot of my favourite model.

First post, CC welcome :)

Shot of my dog Bono in the forest. Shot on a Sony A9 and Sony 85mm f1.8. What do you think? Any CC is always welcome!
Last: January 20, 2019

Sunrise Walks

My partner and I went away over the festive period to stay in a beautiful lodge just on the outskirts of Richmond,...
Last: January 12, 2019

Winter Dog

This guy is my most photographed subject--he doesn't complain about getting his picture taken the way the rest of the...
Last: January 4, 2019

What's your favorite way to take images of your pups?

Meet Oliver, a 1 year old Australian Shepard. What's your favorite type of dog image? I usually enjoy taking pictures...
Last: December 26, 2018

Moody lighting for powerful portraits

For any studio photographers out there, who else uses more dramatic lighting to create more of an atmosphere in their...
Last: December 24, 2018

Location Scouting with Kona

I took Kona with me location scouting this weekend - she was incredibly well behaved! :) Shot on a D750 with 50mm 1.8.
Last: December 12, 2018