Hi everyone! I am a pet photographer based in Mid-Missouri. Please give some critique on my photos!

Meet PopTart

PopTart is a terrier mix, though we're not sure how many or which ones. From some angles, he looks almost like a mini pitbull. From other angles, you can clearly see his Boston Terrier side. Our vet gave us a clever naming system for mutts and rescues:...

Hi there!

How have I only just noticed this group?

Pet photography is very rewarding and as i'm sure you're all aware!...can be quite stressful,

Just posting to say Hi and keep tabs on all things here!

I look forward to seeing pictures of pooches!

Here's one of my dog sessions:


Most of my dog photos are of my own dog, Luna who is pretty photogenic.
I just took this one of her today after getting my New K-1 back from six weeks in repair.
I shot this with an all manual Leitz Summicron 50/2 adapted to K mount which wasn't easy!


Hello, this is my first post to this group. This is my choc lab, Ziggy, who is 3 years old. Think this photo was taken when he was 2.

Fstoppers Dog Licking Photo Shoot

So, Lee just got a puppy, and we experimented in the studio today! We did a live video on Facebook (link below) so you can see the cuteness. We tried to get Leo (the Vizsla puppy) to lick plexiglass using corn syrup, and Rutledge (3yr old Maltese) with...

Dog Photography & Portraits

I find myself in a unique circumstance as being both a trained dog groomer with a family grooming business in northern Canada & photographer. I have been practicing my portraiture skills on friends and family well in the back on my mind thinking of doing so on the animals myself and family have groomed. I have not taken any pictures of the...

Crufts 2016

Interested to hear if anyone is attending Crufts this year and if so what white balance you are using to try and compensate for the evil lighting in the halls?


Hello there!

I thought I would start this group for all the Dog Photographers out there! I'm looking forward talking about all things dogs, seeing everyone's images, and hopefully creating a great little community for everyone to share their...