A GIANT leap

Whilst out walking through the Brecon Beacons National Park in South Wales U.K... I was lucky enough to catch my good friends sheep dog playfully leaping through the snow

Jedi foiled by Sith lord, AGAIN

The wife and I were trying to take some baby announcement pics of our two dogs, Chewbacca and Mace, when one of our cats decided he needed to rub up against my lens! The second pic is what we actually went with for the announcement.

Miss Camera Shy and The Cover Girl

Hey guys, I'm doing a cross post from a different group in hopes of getting some critiques (hope that's ok).

This is Sadie and Lily. Sadie (toasted marshmallow color) is a Basenji mix who is hard to get a bad picture of (I might be a little partial ;-) ) and Lily (brown) is our new rescue who is shy and fearful of everything, including...

Rescue Dogs

These are dogs that I have transported to their new locations to either fosters, rescue groups or new adopters. Between picking them up and delivering them I photograph them.

My Pr1mo

Hi all, this is my dog Pr1mo. He's my first dog and the reason I started photography.
I also named my business after him. He's an Italian dog (I've lived there for a couple of years) and primo means first in Italian.

His most favorite place is the beach and luckily for him, we live close by.

Vivid dog photos

I specialize in animals among car, portraiture, corporate, product and event photography . So far dogs of course were my primary subjects as the most lucrative animals to shoot. ;-) However I am also interested in wildlife.

I shoot and edit my own photos myself. That ensures that the final images will stay true to my own vision and style...

Fstoppers Dog Licking Photo Shoot

So, Lee just got a puppy, and we experimented in the studio today! We did a live video on Facebook (link below) so you can see the cuteness. We tried to get Leo (the Vizsla puppy) to lick plexiglass using corn syrup, and Rutledge (3yr old Maltese) with peanut butter. The corn syrup worked well to not block the tongue, but the puppy wasn't super...


Hi everyone! I am a pet photographer based in Mid-Missouri. Please give some critique on my photos!

Studio shot

Hi all, I'm new to FS and to this group and wanted to show you one of my shots.

One of the most gorgeous Border Collies I've ever met.
Unfortunately she suffered from epilepsy and her owner had to let her go about a year ago.
She was such a sweetheart and so photogenic.

Handsome chap

Took this photo of Bentley on our walk last week because the lighting was just so beautiful and the way he was standing looked very regal.

Captured with my Sony A7Rii, Samyang 135/2 @F2 1/125th ISO 100.