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How to get photo shoots

So it seems that every time a friend goes climbing or skiing they just want to do the activity, and can't handle waiting 30 seconds for me to set up a shot. How do you find someone who is willing to do that? And how do you convince them? Thanks

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hm .. I haven't encountered this. Mine mostly stand still and where I want them. Perhaps I always immediately provide them my pictures

what kind of photography are you referring to?

manly outdoor sports adventure ... have a look at my sites

Ah i understand now. Thanks

I am dealing with this lately too. Something that works (sometimes) is if you show them a shot "Wow, look how awesome you look here, oh my god, you know what would be even cooler!! *rambles off idea of the shot you want*" It works more for girls than guys :)

Thanks for the reply Chelsey! I recently started shooting for my local climbing gym, so convincing people to help me out with that is easy. I also give them the photo (digital copy) for free. (No worries, i own all rights and can legally do that) That helps them convince themselves.

I'm a kayak fisherman and after many years of taking thousands upon thousands of photos, I'm finally getting serious about it (and loving it!). My wife and I go together so I can get a lot of good pictures of her, but the tricky part is getting quality pictures of me for my blog. I'm about to send her to a photography class. LOL