Rock climbing

Hey there!
I know you are our there! At least 14 of you! Comment or post anything!

In the meantime to get you warmed up to chatting in this group, would you mind giving me some feedback, constructive criticism, and maybe a rating on any of the below climbing photos, especially the two indoor ones (most recent, so most experience...

Re editing older shots

Hi everyone, I am going through a bunch of my older shots, since I haven't had time to shoot and re-editing them. Any feed back would be greatly appreciated

Jedi on The Actual Parchments

One of the first photos I took of my friends over a recent spring break trip.
Very new to photography. This was taken on a recently purchased Canon M50 with the wide 15mm kit lens.

I set up a fixed line on the adjacent route and rapped down with a GriGri. I was only a few feet away from the subject when I took this shot so I had my...

How do you approach people about photographing their adventure shots?

I would love to get some good adventure shots under my belt but I have no friends that are into this kind of thing. How do you approach strangers about maybe photographing them while they climb, kayak, etc...? I feel like this, more than any other style of shoot, requires a different approach when talking to strangers about photographing them...

What type of reviews would you like to see on Fstoppers?

Hey everybody. I'm going to try and increase the the size of this group and share more content over this year geared towards Adventure work. So I'm reaching out to get ideas of non photo gear but adventure tools and gear we as photographers need to get the job done that other photographers might not. So let me know what you would like to see...

Shoot in Paradise aka Costa Rica!

This my Vacation Beach Property I will make my Studio soon,

I will conduct workshops and offers special discount rates for Photographer, Videographers, Models, ect in our business.
Beautiful beaches, rainforests, rivers, & waterfalls make your work amazing!

How to get photo shoots

So it seems that every time a friend goes climbing or skiing they just want to do the activity, and can't handle waiting 30 seconds for me to set up a shot. How do you find someone who is willing to do that? And how do you convince them? Thanks

Snowy Adventure

The first time It has snowed in New England this season. I ventured out with nothing but my DSLR, my 24mm F/2.8 lens, a tripod, a shutter release, creativity, and determination to get the shot into the sub-freezing temperatures. Shielding my camera from the snow, I guestimate an exposure time. 2 min, f/8. Two long minutes pass as I hunch over...