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Rock climbing

Hey there!
I know you are our there! At least 14 of you! Comment or post anything!

In the meantime to get you warmed up to chatting in this group, would you mind giving me some feedback, constructive criticism, and maybe a rating on any of the below climbing photos, especially the two indoor ones (most recent, so most experience)?

Thanks in advance guys!

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I love the lighting in the black and white photo, if I were to be shooting it, I'd try to get the light in the top right frame a bit more, positioning myself lower and trying to get the full wall in the shot. Its really hard to tell how big the route he is climbing.

For the color indoor shot, if you straighten the wall (acting as your horizon) it will help a lot, other than that, I'd just like to see how high up he is. I'm probably sounding a bit redundant, but those are just some adjustments I'd make if I were shooting.

Keep it up! Cheers!

Thanks Jeremy! For the b&w i was up higher on the wall to avoid the normal "butt shot" perspective. The light couldn't go sky higher either, and even if it could I wanted it to be below to give the perspective he was higher. The goal in my opinion was to totally isolate him using the flash, having both the ground and the top nearly black. Of course, that didn't come out exactly as planned, but it's interesting you suggest including the ground. For the second one, it looks crooked, but the wall actually curves in and out, giving it the perspective in a 2D photo that it's crooked.

Thanks again for the feedback!