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Snowy Adventure

The first time It has snowed in New England this season. I ventured out with nothing but my DSLR, my 24mm F/2.8 lens, a tripod, a shutter release, creativity, and determination to get the shot into the sub-freezing temperatures. Shielding my camera from the snow, I guestimate an exposure time. 2 min, f/8. Two long minutes pass as I hunch over my low tripod and get stares from the cars that pass. Another five minutes for my stubborn old camera to process the image, and it's horribly blown out. f/18? another try, still bright. I drop the shutter to about 1 min 15 sec. Brighter than the 2 minute at f/18 because of the varied traffic! I am now covered in snow and cannot use the touch screen on my new age stopwatch, so I return home. As I am writing this I am eating dinner, anxiously awaiting the moment I will venture out again for the perfect shot. Stay tuned.

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Well I didn't get the shot. I went out for the second shot, but it had stopped snowing. Very disappointing and frustrating for me, since I have had this shot in mind for months and it hasn't snowed.