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How do you approach people about photographing their adventure shots?

I would love to get some good adventure shots under my belt but I have no friends that are into this kind of thing. How do you approach strangers about maybe photographing them while they climb, kayak, etc...? I feel like this, more than any other style of shoot, requires a different approach when talking to strangers about photographing them.

The attached photo is me just goofing around, trying to show my daughter that the rock wasn't as scary to climb as she thought. Enjoy.

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When I started I reached out and did research on Athletes in my area. Instagram can be a good tool for this. search hashtags that go with popular climbing areas near you. Then hit up the people posting pics from those areas about tagging along or setting up shoots. Another great resource is going to indoor gyms or similar places and asking about local climbers maybe getting them to post a request on their social media. The last thing I can recommend is just hitting the ground and talking to people. Go out on a nice weekend to the places you know people will be active and start asking them if you can take their pics. Most people are excited to have good photos and will let you. exchange info and stay in touch you never know who will turn out to be a pro one day.

I will second instagram. Most of my climbing friends have some sort of contractual obligation to create media for who ever is a brand ambassador/sponsers. I also end getting the names/contact info of people I get photos of while shooting/climbing Slowly you ended building out a network. Like Micheal said you never no where some of these people will go.