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Vlada Cvetković's picture

Portrait - Natural light

what do you think? :)

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Vlada Cvetković's picture

NikonD3100 50mm 1.8G

Pascal Thériault's picture

Great lighting and wonderful expression from the model. I'm kind of confused though by the straight darker area on the left side, that is kind of aligned with her right shoulder. Is this in the background or the foreground? A continuous background would have been better imho. But again, great pic!

Vlada Cvetković's picture

It is the front of the curtain- foreground

Éric Livernoche's picture

I must agree with Pascal; love everything except the foreground, which almost look like a photoshop object... The awesome expression ofthe model and the beautiful light easily make up for it though! =) Good job!

Joseph Fadde's picture

Love the lighting and the model's expression. Well done.