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Indoor Rock Climbing

Hello Friends!!

I recently shot this photo for a local climbing gym (yes, I own all rights ya dee ya da), and I was looking for some feedback.

I really love the photo, which I know can be deceiving for a photographer because we get involved on an emotional level, so we are less able to judge decisions.

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Doug Jones's picture

This is a really solid image! The wall is angular and cool. He's positioned nicely. The starburst on the light source is a nice bonus.

The following is a matter of sheer preference. The image is a little dark overall (which is perfectly alright if that's what you wanted). Personally, I would have brightened up the guy and the wall just a tad to create more contrast against the black background. He and the wall are really cool and I would have sought to emphasize them a bit more. That would highlight the angular appeal of the wall as well and increase the overall dynamic of the photo.

Really nice pic tho! One to be proud of.

Tyler Newcomb's picture

Thanks for the feedback Doug!
I wanted a moody, dramatic, almost unrealistic looking silouette, and the Starburst was actually more of a "what the hell?" Decision than artistic choice. The reason i like it dark is two fold, first, it was shot for the gym for advertising, so the dark background and side will allow text for posters or ads, and secondly, if i brightened it, it would have been super grainy due to my original exposure.
Thanks for the compliment! It is my favorite photo that i have taken to date!

Laith Stevens's picture

Tyler, mate I really like the shot, but for me it is a little too dark and the bright light as good as it is in the image is a little distracting and draws attention from the climber, I would possibly work on the mid tones a little mate. but nice shot I like it.

Tyler Newcomb's picture

Thank you!