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Tyler Newcomb's picture

Rock climbing!

Hey there!

Would you mind giving me some feedback, constructive criticism, and maybe a rating on any of the below climbing photos, especially the two indoor ones (most recent, so most experience)?

Thanks in advance guys!

I would also appreciate if you clicked the link and rated them! Thanks again!

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fele trejo's picture

the second one looks great; I would edit the light flare so it would look more mysterious and in the first one I'd crop out whatever is above the climbing wall so the climber looks more centered.

Tyler Newcomb's picture

Thanks for the input! The only qualm i have about cropping is that it would cut his hand off the top.

Benjamin Boldt's picture

Nice work! The first image is tough for me because his body position isn't super interesting - probably because he appears to be missing an arm and a leg. I'd also straighten the image so the top of the wall is horizontal. I really like the second photo! Nice body position, you can see all four limbs and while you can't see his face you can tell that he is focused on the next foot. I maybe would have tried to frame him more toward the top of the image.

Tyler Newcomb's picture

Thanks Benjamin! I will do so next time

Chris Johnson's picture

The first shot just seems a little plain to me, I would like to see the same angle but being able to see the bottom of the wall. I feel like that would really give a great idea of how big the wall really is.
I love the drama of the second shot but I can't stop looking at the flash.
Overall solid work but I know you are looking for critiques so I was a little harsh.
Can't wait to see what comes next Tyler.

Tyler Newcomb's picture

Thanks Chris! If that was your harsh critiques the photo can't be half bad! In my experience, showing the ground in indoor climbing especially ruins the illusion a bit, but the second one i really wanted to balance the flash and him. Thanks for your input! Looking forward to future critiques!