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some critique for my equine portraiture?

Hey all, I'm a specialist in equine portraiture, focusing on show horses. I am fresh out of school(graduated from the Hallmark Institute of Photography in October) and am starting my business.
I was hoping to get some critique on my work before I officially open.

I also have images on Facebook that have mot been posted here at www.facebook.com/1.afphoto

Thank you!

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Richard Morwood's picture

Remove the giant logo covering the image. I can't actually see your work because of it.

Abi Fast's picture

I don't upload anywhere without it like that due an incident in school where one of my classmates had his picture stolen and the logo had been cloned out

melinda brown's picture

me too! my only thought is to watch the eyes. you're on your way! and join American Horse Publications. great knowledgeable group of publishers that support photographers and writers making the connection to equine publications

Giulio Roman's picture

remove the logo or make it way smaller... I can't actually see the image details because of the logo... how am I supposed to critique it if I cannot see the image?