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First Shot of the Milky Way

I grabbed this shot back in late summer/early fall while camping at Kodachrome Park in southern Utah. I just started getting into astrophotography not that long ago but I find it simply amazing and peaceful.

Unfortunately at the time I took this shot I was explaining the process to a fellow photographer and neglected to notice that my 17-40mm was zoomed into 24mm, when I returned home and loaded up the RAW, I immediately noticed that at that focal length coupled with a 30 sec. exposure I had some slight star trails. I still really liked the photo so I decided to process a little bit and share. I'd love some feedback if anyone is interested. Thanks and hope you enjoy.

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It's a beautiful shot Tim. Not to detract from your image at all but I can't help wondering that the rock would have looked like with a bit of light painting on it. I call almost hear it crying out for some visible texture.
Nice work.