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Any CC regarding the retouching of this shot will be greatly appreciated...

I took this shot on my last photoshoot with my model friend, Audrey. I'm pretty sure this « fingers in the face » concept has already been used, but we tried it anyway, and I ended up retouching it. Thanks for your feedback. Eric

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Looks good

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The lighting looks good. But on 2 different monitors I see a very obvious shift in saturation (and some color tone) from her face to her hand and then just a little shy of halfway down her neck to everything below it. And then again over on the rounded part of her shoulder, it looks much more saturated than the rest of the skin around it. i don't know if this is the makeup your MUA was using or if some retouching techniques are causing the color/saturation shifts; it's kind of hard to say.

And for what it's worth, personally I think the hand looks like it's coming out of the middle of nowhere and grabbing her face, rather than looking like it's HER hand. It's a little awkward. I'd like to see more of her head and less white space in half of the image.

Éric Livernoche's picture

Thanks Sennia, I'll try to fix that saturation issue. I admit I havent paid much attention to it, as I have a hard time seeing saturation shifts.