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Looking for critiques!

Hello, I need some critique please, this is my first time doing beauty shots.

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Please be brutally honest.

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i think its really good. but photoshopped background is not working. i think original background was much darker looking at the falloff on the edges of her body. if you could make it darker it would work much better. i don't like random dirt things at the background. they don't add anything to the picture just distraction. if you would replace it with something grungy and more uniform and very subtle it would work better. even if you would replace background with black would look more natural. people would focus more on the model not the background.
brutal but constructive :D

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The model is beautiful, the makeup is interesting and the lighting is decent. However, I agree that the background is too distracting and fake looking. The model's pose and expression aren't bad, but she looks mildly blank; ideally I would like to see other shots from this series for something more interesting.

The dodging and burning on her face is uneven, removing some of her face structure. Her forehead seems to be much more saturated than the rest of her face; around the mouth is also somewhat problematic with differing color tones and blotchy dodge/burn work.Her face is much brighter than the rest of her body and this should be toned down quite a bit. It can still be brighter, but not THAT much. Also, the skin on her neck and chest appears to have natural highlights and an almost dewy quality, but her face looks very matte and flat almost like they are composited together from two separate photo shoots. I don't know if this is a post production issue or if this is how the makeup artist wanted her to look, but it's not good.

Depending on what the raw file looks like, I'd say pull back on the work on her face. Hope this helps!

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Hey, thank you for posting your work, good job. I do completely agree with Sennia.
One more thing to consider: it looks like you copied and mirrored the lips, make sure you make that a little less obvious by keeping some of the original lip structure on one side.
And now I'm going to sound really nasty, but if you want to shoot for magazines, get another make-up artist.

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Hey Tate, I fully agree with Sienna and Boris and would like to add - the skin tone on her left-hand side cheek looks stained. It is better to smooth it.