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CC are very welcome.

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Looks good. The only thing i would do further is even out the skin tone. Her face and her body is slightly different.

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Hi Mindaugas!
It's very nice!
I'm just missing the catchlight int he other eye (because of it it drops into the darkness) and I think the color of skin on her face has more magenta that the body - I would try to even out that with Selective color or any other color correction technique of your preference. Probably just a little bit of dodging & burning on the side of her face, especially closer to the hairline.

Now, this is my personal preference, so you may disagree - I think the presence of a lot of skin (the back and shoulders) takes away from the image. To me it makes it a little less impactful. If it was about the makeup and the cool eyelashes - I would get closer and only include a little bit of shoulder, so that the viewer's eye is driven right to the what you captured as the focus of the image.

If the entire look was the focus, not just the face, I would maybe lay her hair to cover just a part of the back, to lose some skin - that would also create more lines in the composition.

But again, that's my personal take :)

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Thanks a lot Julia :) I agree with all :)