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She's the Barber

Studio session with an old friend from college promoting her business "She's the Barber"

I lit it with a an elinchrome BX 500 RI and an filled it in with the westcott eye lighter (sn. that thing is awesome). The wall behind her is actually orange but I tweaked it a little because I wanted it to match the color of her make up a little better.

The shoot went awesome in my opinion.

I used a frequency separation and dodged and burned to retouch. What do you all think ? Anything I can work on ?

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It's really nice Louis!
I love that it's not a blank facial expression! Well done, both of you!
I would through D&B the forehead just a bit further (just the most obvious little bumps and inconsistencies) and I would definitely clean up the hat, the front edge at least.

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Thanks for the critique. I'll work on it a little more. I'll for on it a little more to get rid of those last bits of inconsistencies