New to the Group and Fstoppers and Ready To Learn!

Hey everyone. I just wanted to introduce myself. My name is Gabrielle Allen and I am a beauty & hair blogger and soon to be licensed cosmetologist. Considering I am on a limited budget, I am looking for as many free resources as possible to improve my photography because my main photo subject is myself.

I'm not really looking to be a professional "photographer" persay but I am looking to showcase my work and take my pictures the next level. I have a Canon T3i camera that I know very little about. I do what i can with what I have but I mostly use my iPhone which I also knows has great potential, i'm just not sure how to tap into it lol

Here are some of my photos at my current level

These are the levels I am trying to reach

Thank you so much and i look forward to all your input and help :)

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You need better lighting from what I can see. If you want to continue using your iphone then I would turn it around, and start using the main camera vs the selfie one. It will give you the better quality of the two.