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My youngest

These are some shots off my youngest daughter. I'm pretty proud of these shots, but perhaps thats just because i love her so much. Just give me your thoughts. thx

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Such a cutie! So adorable!!!

Back to the business at hand. :)

The first one would have been better either all color or all monochrome.

Second and third are too snapshot like.

Fourth would have been better if the lighting on her face wasn't such a mess. All kinds of patchy dark areas. Probably could be cleaned up with some dodge and burn.

Overall, I'd pay attention to how light is falling on the face.

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Thx for the feedback! In fact these are snapshots because not one picture was posed or staged. Like the first one is taken on a holiday at a restaurant for example. I’m just shooting for over 6months now and I think like you said it is time to up my game by learning about light and post processing.