Introduce yourself by posting one of your favorite shots of a child (or children)!

Hey everybody, my name is Rex, I currently live in Saint George, Utah. Most of my photography is one landscape or...

Fine Art Portrait Anastyn

My work is inspired by Renaissance old master paintings so often my lighting and editing style will reflect that look...

40 years old lens with young guys :-)

hey everybody, these shots are 135mm f 2.8 ais lens with Z7ii, btw; hello from Istanbul :-)

Current Times

I wanted to capture this moment in history which encapsulates so many feelings and emotions. Taken in natural light...


The Kid loves going here where he can run free and play with the aircraft on display.

Portrait: Ice Princess

Hi everyone, Im new to Fstoppers and this group. I love photography and over the years I have been practicing (since...

Sweet Nadia in a park with the bouquet of roses

I like artistic approach to photography. As far as I remember, I always liked fairy tales and fantasy. I create various...

New to the group

Hi all, I'm an amateur photographer from Devon in the UK. I've gotten into shooting my daughter and have been trying to...

New to Group

Hello, My name is Jennifer and I'm new to this group. I hope to learn and grow and enjoy seeing all the beautiful work...

Discovering Sony

Aurora's 1st birthday. I was surprised, but then again, I probably shouldn't be, she knew buttons.

His first love!

I was able to take this photo after the little guy posed with his mom for a picture. It always pays off to photograph...

My youngest

These are some shots off my youngest daughter. I'm pretty proud of these shots, but perhaps thats just because i love...


Hi everyone! My name is Bri and I am a portrait photographer in The Woodlands, Texas!

Fun in the Park

Playing around with my wife's new Canon m100.

Best Friends!

Best Friends! 🥰 Canon Eos R, 85mm F/1.2, F/1.2, 1/1600s, iso 100, Natural Light!


This is Bella, my 9 year old. I just picked my camera back up after 3 years of not using it. Feels great to be back to...

Real life Cildren Portraiture

Hello, I am Leonard and i like children portraiture, in their elements...real life there some of my...

Need some guidance

So this is an image i shot this evening of my daughter. I have full intensions of upgrading to a better camera and...

HSS Flash/Strobe & Ambient Light!

Hi Guys, in this Video I have explain in a short way difference between HSS Flash/Strobe & Ambient Light! 👇https://...

Big Eyed Boy

A shot from a client family type photoshoot.