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Image From A Trip

Anthony's image depicting loneliness reminded me of this image I took on a trip to NYC a few years ago. Probably around 2012, just like his image. I always loved the juxtaposition of the big city with the old world dock, and the one lone human wandering in the frame. It makes the city look completely deserted. What do you folks think?

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I do like that the subject is alone. It is simple and clean. I generally like it, but the bright spot on the building is distracting, It is obviously blown out, so I dont think you will be able to decrease it's exposure even if you wanted to. Other than that, nice shot!

in agreement. I don't like the shine on the building but do like the juxtaposition of city things, the deck's planks make great leading lines for the city buildings. blue sky and overall tint looks good you must have used full f22 to make dof so bizarre. good pix. not great but very good. be proud of it.