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Any feedback on lighting most welcome. This image has so minor adjustment made to it, but not edited yet. Lighting for this one, two stripboxes with grids, Front right and rear left, f/11 1/125 ISO 100.

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I think your lighting is very good and effective. you are shooting from the short side which is preferred and were able to capture good tones. If I am only commenting on the lighting I would suggest you put a hair/rim light up her back and separate her elbows from the head. that would frame the hair with a nice glow. Her body trunk looks great. her face is expressionless and could use some help. There is no focal point and what great leading lines you do have (formed by the shadows) do not go anywhere. I don't like the black top. I has no detail at all and pretty blaugh . overall: good

I also meant to say from below that If you opened up to f8 or so you would get better dof and you certainly have plenty of room to do so. You may want to move the left light to the front a tad to get a little camel. Work on the face and add some eye and you would have a great shot.