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In to the skin

New photoshoot, any feedback is important.

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The lighting is absolutely gorgeous. You did an amazing job. The main suggestion I have would be that if you're going to simulate sweat (or use real sweat I suppose), it would be better to also have some on the model's face. Her dewy but not sweaty skin is a stark contrast to her body and the side of her boobs which have pretty large droplets on them, which seems jarring. In the first image, her left arm is a little dark compared to the rest of her skin, but that's minor. It looks like maybe she has some acne or other skin texture issues on her face? It's hard to see but regardless I think you did a really lovely job with the retouching and not going too far. The second image is also great, but I see some patchy skin on her arms which is a very small nitpick.

Nice work :)