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Photoshoot with Emanne Beacha

I was asked to come down to the house of a young girl and take some portraits in her house. I didn't really know anything about America's Got Talent or Emanne Beacha and how amazingly talented she was. I looked her up on YouTube and was blown away.

We had a wonderful time. Her family invited me into the home and we made a quick studio out of a grey muslin backdrop I have in my bag. A fan. And a large softbox leaning over her bed and balanced witha backpack hanging to the foot.

Shot with
Canon 6D
Sigma 35mm Art

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Jared Wolfe's picture

I dig the lighting, backdrop, gown and posing. Some areas of improvement I think:

-Hair. She has a beautiful formal gown on but the hair has the chillin at the house on a saturday morning look. Either dress her down or dress up the hair.

-Distortion. Her head is leaning away an dis looking smaller. Her shoulder and elbow are closer to the camera and look large. Backing up and using a longer lens would really have helped this. I realize being in someones home you might not have had much space.

Otherwise its a great shot. Keep up the good work.

Jason Buff's picture

Thanks for your feedback Jared.